Students aged 12 to 18 would progress to our Senior Learning Centre (Level 6 to Level 12).*

Once a student reaches Level 8, he/she is registered on the ICCE Level (International Certificate of Christian Education) awarded by Christian Education Europe (CEE).

ICCE provides the following qualifications:

  • General Level Certificate (GCSE Equivalent)
  • Intermediate LevelCertificate (AS Level Equivalent)
  • Advanced LevelCertificate (A Level Equivalent)
For more information about ICCE please click this link.

At the above Levels, students complete the core PACE subjects (Maths and English) and electives (Health, History, Art, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Sports, Music etc.). Additionally , students complete coursework and projects that go towards their ICCE certification; participate in Extra-Curricular Activities and compete in the annual European Student Convention (ESC)

Senior students also participate in an Employability Programme (Part 1) run by PromisedLand Academy. This programme is an 11-week course that teaches students career skills such as self-management, team working, communication and leadership. These skills are practically applied in various activities inside and outside of school as part of the course.Students research about an organisation that they aspire to work for and develop CV writing and interview techniques. At the end of the course, students give a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation in front of a panel of examiners. Students are assessed weekly on performance to qualify for theCertificate of Achievement which is added to their portfolio. This programme is designed to prepare students for the Employability Programme (Part 2): Students utilise and develop their skills through work experience. The aim of the course is to develop young professionals for higher level education and the working environment.

During this level of study, it is our duty to ensure students have adequate academic support from both the school and home.Parents are encouraged to support and motivate their students during this time as studies require more focus and extra study time in order to help the students to achieve the best grades possible. Exam retakes are capped.Promoting a good work ethic is a skill that will determine their success and approach to further studies or the workplace.

*Please note that we do not enrol students after 11 years of age unless they have been home-schooled on the ACE curriculum or are moving from a school that uses the ACE curriculum. The expected age of graduation is 18/19. However, this is based on the student’s academic ability.