The Restless Man

Oh, if you could meet the restless man,
And hear his groans throughout the land.

Couldn’t even sleep for just one night;
His own dreams would give him a fright.

He lives alone in a derelict house;
Having no thought of having a spouse.

When people see him on the street,
They move away swift on their feet.

Even animals would run up a tree limb,
In fear of becoming restless like him.

Although he has money and riches to spare,
His restless spirit doesn’t even care.

Before the night, he would stand outside
And let out the tears he could so well hide.

As he summarised his life with one big breath,
He only looked forward to his certain death.

He’ll go inside and enter his room,
Contemplating his impending doom.

He would go in bed and lay down his head,
“Alas, if only I were dead.”

Written by Samuel Coote
©2014, PromisedLand Academy