Hi! I’m Naomi Coote.

I had been educated on the ACE curriculum for 13 years and I completed the course up to the Advanced Level (the equivalent to A Levels). I graduated from PromisedLand Academy in July 2014 at 18 years old.

I’ve experienced challenges like any other student would, particularly when I was reaching the Intermediate Level of ICCE as most of my peers moved on to college to do their A levels. However, no alternative education could have prepared me better than staying on with PLA and the ACE curriculum. As well as it helped me to stay focused academically, it gave me purpose, a sense of direction, and ultimately helped me to develop an “attitude of excellence” in regards to my work ethic and character.

In 2014, I applied to a private business university called BPP University and I received an unconditional offer to do a two-year accelerated degree. I was also awarded a £2,000 bursary as I was considered an “Excellence Achiever” – I exceeded the required UCAS points for the course and BPP were impressed with the ACE curriculum when they researched about it prior to me starting my degree. I commenced my degree in September 2014, had fulfilling university experience, and graduated in August 2016 with first degree honours.

Since graduation, I’ve been working part-time at PLA and part-time as a marketing assistant at a designer jewellery company, Kyles Collection. My life-long career is to establish my own business. In the meantime, I’m going to commit that to God and work towards my aspirations.