Fee Structure for Academic Year 2017/2018

Term Tuition Fees Per Student– £1,800

Term Fees Payment Due Term
1st August 2017 Autumn (Term 1)
1st December 2017 Spring (Term 2)
1st April 2018 Summer (Term 3)

Annual Tuition Fees Per Student– £5,130

A 5% discount applies to fees paid in advance annually.

Tuition fees include learning centre tuition and core curriculum (up to 72 PACEs per year). Any other administrative and extra-curricular costs are billed separately.

For New Admissions Per Student
Diagnostic Fee £50 (non-returnable)
Enrolment Fee £400 (non-refundable once student is accepted)

Above fees to be paid when submitting Application for Admission.

To view all financial commitments please the link.

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