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Yes. Students graduating from the ACE curriculum receive a qualification that is recognised not just in the UK but also internationally (i.e. USA). ACE graduates continue their education at universities and have been awarded first class degrees. Find out more About the ACE Curriculum
Yes. Students have a variety of electives/bias courses to choose from for their AS and A Levels such as sports, health and nutrition, trigonometry, music, languages, chemistry, physics, etc. Certain electives/bias course are sourced externally.
We do take into account that many students transitioning from a mainstream school to PromisedLand Academy could possibly be academically behind compared their peers. Therefore, before students are enrolled, potential candidates sit a diagnostic test to assess their current level of numeracy and literacy. The results are discussed with the parents/guardian of the child so that we can agree and work together on the best practices to support the child’s learning.
We enrol students from ages of 4 to 11 years old. Due to the nature of the ACE programme, students over 11 years of age will be disadvantaged in fulfilling the expectations of the course. We encourage parents to enrol their students at the earliest age possible to ensure the students’ development in all areas.
Our school is multi-cultural with tutors and students from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. Part of the ACE curriculum (i.e. phonetics) is designed to support non-English speaking students who have basic competency of the language. Also, we have tutors who are trained to support students in learning to speak, write, read and understand English fluently. During this process, we recommend one parent/guardian to speak to the child/children in English whilst the other parent/guardian speaks in the native language. This way they are practicing their English skills whilst keeping their native language.