Easter (Noun) – Definition: Not What You Think

Easter! Easter! What a treat!
A whole lot of chocolate and sweets to eat
A time of joy, a time of glee!
But did you know about the Man on the tree?

An unjust trial, along walked a mile
Only for His cause to be held in denial.
Beaten and bruised, spat [on] and abused
Keeping His scorners all amused.

As nails were hammered through His hands,
His cry could be heard throughout the lands.
And as they raised His body on that tree,
I can tell you, reader, there was no glee.

A weeping mother and fretting brothers;
The thought itself drowned all others.
With a throat full of pain, He said to a brother,
“John, please take care of My mother.”

His body weak and His spirit diminished,
He finally said, “It is finished.”

Written by Samuel Coote
©2017, PromisedLand Academy